How to Contribute

Choose a Type of Fund - Funds can be flexible to meet our donors' different charitable interests.

Unrestricted Funds offer the broadest giving option and allows the grant committee to determine the community's greatest needs.
Field of Interest Funds create grants that meet needs in a particular interest or geographic area determined by the donor
Donor Advised Funds enable you to recommend specific organizations to receive grants.

Opportunities to Give
Giving to the Westminster Legacy Foundation is easy. Donations can be made in any amount, at any time and can be designated for a particular program or for unrestricted funds. We work closely with you to develop a program of giving that meets your needs and interests.

The WLF raises money through a variety of fun events. Become involved by sponsoring, volunteering, donating products or services or simply by attending an event.

For more information call 303-658-2209 or visit the Events page.

Annual Gifts can be made in the form of an outright contribution, employee giving program, or by attending one of our special events.

Outright Contribution - An outright gift is an easy way to give.  Gifts to the Westminster Legacy Foundation whether cash, securities, assets, property, or other, are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.  Your contributions will enrich many lives in our community.  Make a contribution today!
Employee Giving Program - A payroll deduction is another simple way to give.  Employees may pledge an amount to be deducted from each paycheck or a one-time donation.  These pre-tax donations can be sent directly to the Foundation and are, of course, tax deductible.

Special Events and Projects - The Westminster Legacy Foundation raises money through a variety of fun special events.  You can become involved by sponsoring, volunteering, donating products or services, or simply by attending an event.

Annual Fundraising Events:

  • J and Nancy Heil Tribute Golf Tournaments at Legacy Ridge – Scramble and Pro-Am in August
  • Wine, Beer & Spirit Tasting and Silent Auction at the Westin Hotel – October

Lasting Gifts can also be made to the Westminster Legacy Foundation.  By adding the Legacy Foundation to your estate plan, we can help you realize your philanthropic goals.  There are several tools available to make a lasting gift that will support our community for years to come and provide significant tax benefits.

Bequests - Naming the Westminster Legacy Foundation as a beneficiary can be the simplest gift.  The gift may be made from your IRAs or other qualified retirement plan, life insurance policy, or commercial annuities.
Transfer-on-Death (TOD) - Similar to the beneficiary designation form, the TOD (also called pay-on-death) is easy to complete.  It enables you to name the Westminster Legacy Foundation, as a transfer-on-death beneficiary of your bank savings accounts, CDs, and other non-retirement investment accounts.
Memorial Fund - By establishing a memorial fund for a deceased loved one, your loved one's name will become a permanent legacy with great meaning.
Charitable Lead Trust - Donate part of your estate to the trust now and the income goes into your fund at the Foundation for a designated period of years.  Your estate taxes are reduced and the property is not taxed to your children.  When your children or grandchildren reach maturity, the trust terminates and they receive the assets.  The community benefits during all those years and your loved ones receive more than they would otherwise.
Gift Annuity - Create a gift annuity by making a gift of cash or appreciated stock.  In return, we pay you a guaranteed annual income for life.  You receive significant tax advantages and a portion of each income payment you receive is tax-free.  After your death, the remainder of your annuity is used to create a charitable endowment fund in your name.
Charitable Remainder Trust - Similar to a gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust (CRT) will pay you a guaranteed annual income for life.  In addition to gifts of cash or stock, you may establish a CRT with gifts of real estate or other property.  You may receive the income in a fixed or variable amount.  The CRT is established by you and is held by you until death at which time the remainder is donated to the Foundation.
Scholarship Fund - Establish a scholarship fund with a minimum contribution of $25,000 to support programs chosen by the Foundation.
Endowment Fund  - An endowment is a permanent fund for the Westminster Legacy Foundation.  Gifts to the endowment fund remain in perpetuity.  The assets of the endowment are invested and monitored by the Board of Directors and interest earned is used to carry out the charitable purposes of the Foundation. 
Creating an Endowment Fund - You choose when to give, what to give, and a name for the fund.  
Choose when to Give -You can create your fund now, establish it in your will, or create it through a trust arrangement that benefits your family and the Foundation.  Tax deductions are earned at the time of your gift, while grants awarded from you fund will continue into the future.
Choose what to Give - Almost any kind of assets can be used to start your fund such as cash, securities, stock, real estate, life insurance, personal property, private foundation assets, bequests, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable lead trusts.
Choose a Name for Your Fund - Fund may be named for the donor, the donor's family, or someone special.  Every grant from the fund will carry this name.  If you prefer anonymity, you may choose a name that reflects your fund's purpose.
Sign a Fund Agreement
Transfer Assets Into Your Fund
Continue to Support Your Fund
 Through Your Endowment Fund You Receive…
  • A lasting, permanent gift that will benefit your community
  • Maximum tax benefit for your donation
  • Information on local charities and community needs
  • Power and flexibility in community giving without the paperwork, time and expense of administering your own private foundation

  The Westminster Legacy Foundation will…

  • Manage your fund, oversee your investments, and maintain all accounting, legal, and tax records
  • File tax returns and provide an independent audit
  • Issue regular financial reports on the status of your fund
  • Provide the service of experience grant makers who know the community, its needs and its organizations
  • Ensure that grants are always awarded in the name of your fund

 Philanthropy made easy

  1. Discuss your charitable giving goals with your family and legal or tax advisors.
  2. Decide how much you can afford to give.
  3. Determine the causes or areas of interest that will use your donations.
  4. Meet with the Westminster Legacy Foundation to discuss your plan review the documents needed to implement your plan.
  5. Share the documents with your family and your professional advisors.
  6. Transfer your gift to us.
  7. Review our confirmation and the ongoing progress of grants that are awarded from your fund.

Why Choose the Westminster Legacy Foundation?

  1. We know the community
  2. We make giving easy
  3. We help you receive tax benefits
  4. We share your interests
  5. We are an attractive alternative to a private foundation.